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Dr. Body’s original treatments are new treatment born from a fusion of techniques from around the world, drawn from methods such as esthetic, Japanese chiropractic techniques and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage.

We think that improving posture and pelvic misalignment is very important because in Japan, it is widely said that misalignment of the body contributes greatly to weight gain.
And We support your concerns such as lower back, shoulder pain, swollen legs, poor circulation, pelvic misalignments after childbirth and fatigue.
Our treatments promote blood and lymph circulation, thereby increasing your metabolism, improving the expulsion of toxins and helping lose weight. And you feel much better, lighter and more relaxed.

We offer the Exclusive Kama ‘aina rate.
Please show us Hawaii State Operator's License, Hawaii State ID or proof of residence.
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A new treatment born from a fusion of techniques from around the world.

Through the application of various spa methods such as traditional esthetic treatments, lomi lomi massage and chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Body’s beautification method encourages physical improvement from the inside out by treating chronic, long-term concerns that often stem from the pelvis and lymphatic system.

See results after a single treatment and get one step closer to your ideal body.

It is hard to understand the immediate effects of traditional esthetic treatments however, this is not the case with Dr.Body, which treatment results can be seen immediately after the first session. These results have been eagerly talked about in many magazines and blogs. Experience yourself our non-surgical yet dramatic results.

Our Attractive Services & Rates

We offer menu at an attractive rate accessible to all women. Although viewable results are quite achievable after just one session, we recommend that our clients visit monthly for maintenance. Just as one would regularly visit the gym to stay in shape, our sessions are designed to continuously support our client’s transformation.

  • Body Course

    Stretch your body and massage whole body lymph to improve your posture with slimming and whitening gel.

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    Facial Course

    Improve your head and facial misalignment to remove jaw muscle tightness ,swelling and double chin.

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    Set Course

    Collaboration for facial and body treatment.

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    Bridal Course

    A wedding massage package from Dr.Body can help bring a sense of calm and happiness to your special day.

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    All treatment will be provided with Dr Body’s original slimming gel and hydration gel to improve the body and skin, lymph circulation, and release tight muscles effectively.

    Hawai’i state tax and gratuity (18 %) will be added to the price listed.