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Dr. Body’s original beautification therapy draws from methods from around the world, such as traditional Chinese and Japanese bodywork techniques, European and Korean facial treatments and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. Our trained therapists are well versed in medical topics that range from the body’s skeletal framework, muscle development and the lymphatic system. Clients seeking treatments receive a through assessment before going through recommended treatments that are personally tailored to improve concerns and encourage clients to achieve their bodily ideals.

 In Japan, it is widely believed that the pelvic alignment greatly contributes to weight gain. If the pelvis is misaligned, it will affect the posture, body’s lymphatic system and restrict blood flow, which will in turn, negatively impact your overall health and weight. Popular among Japanese celebrities and models, Dr. Body’s beautification therapy strives to correct the problem at its source through bodywork that dramatically improves posture through regular treatment and simple yet effective exercises.

Currently, there are eleven locations of Dr. Body treatment centers throughout Japan including Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka and Kyoto. Dr. Body’s first international location is located in the heart of Waikiki in the DFS T Galleria Tower on the 12th floor. Our convenient location is perfect for visitors and locals, and we also offer free validated parking. In addition, we offer Waikiki-exclusive courses that are not offered at any of our other locations including Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and herbal therapy as well as courses that are designed for our male clientele to encourage couple’s treatments.


A new treatment born from a fusion of techniques from around the world.

Through the application of various spa methods such as traditional esthetic treatments, lomi lomi massage and chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Body’s beautification method encourages physical improvement from the inside out by treating chronic, long-term concerns that often stem from the pelvis and lymphatic system.

See results after a single treatment and get one step closer to your ideal body.

It is hard to understand the immediate effects of traditional esthetic treatments however, this is not the case with Dr.Body, which treatment results can be seen immediately after the first session. These results have been eagerly talked about in many magazines and blogs. Experience yourself our non-surgical yet dramatic results.

Our Attractive Services & Rates

We offer menu at an attractive rate accessible to all women. Although viewable results are quite achievable after just one session, we recommend that our clients visit monthly for maintenance. Just as one would regularly visit the gym to stay in shape, our sessions are designed to continuously support our client’s transformation.

  • Body Course

    Refine your body with Lomi Lomi massage and body adjustment using whitening gel and carbonated mist to improve posture.

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    Facial Course

    Enjoy our signature facial treatment to improve facial alignment and Kogao Treatment for more youthful visage.

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    Set Course

    Indulge yourself with our facial and body treatment using whitening gel and CO2 mist for more sophisticated look.

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    Bridal Course

    Enjoy our relaxing and effective facial treatment specially designed for bride. Rejuvenate and get ready for your big day!

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    All treatment will be provided with hydro-mist, Dr Body’s original firming gel and hydration gel to improve the body and skin, lymph circulation, and release tight muscles effectively.

    Hawai’i state tax and gratuity (18 %) will be added to the price listed.