For Women's
*Prices do not include tax and gratuity.


Escape from stress, and experience supreme treatments relaxing your mind and body. You can select multiple selections from this list.


60 Minutes   $150

90 Minutes   $220

120 Minutes   $280



30 or 60 Minutes
Using an electric face shaver, we will shave your face, neck, arm and back.

Arm and back tightening

30 Minutes
We use cavitation to help loosing muscle tightness and breaking down the fat cell and we massage lymphatic drainage on your upper body.

Back treatment

30 Minutes
We give soft exfoliation on your back for a lighter complexion. We also offer relaxation massage on your upper body. And the treatment ends with a lightening mask for moisturizing.

Moisturizing face mask

30 Minutes
Includes a facial cleansing and moisturizing face mask with neck and décolleté massage.

Adjusting facial bones

30 Minutes
Includes head and facial bone adjustment, massage neck area. It's for people who want a symmetrical face and slim face. You can also reduce wrinkles and sagging skin, eye strain reduction, an improved complexion and remove swelling.

Posture Improvement

30 Minutes
Includes stretching to improve posture and full body lymph massage.
You can also add other items with an additional fee

  • Soft shaving (30mins $70/60mins $120)
  • Arm and back tightening (30mins $80)
  • Back treatment (30mins $50)
  • Moisturizing face mask (30mins $50)
  • Adjusting facial bones (30mins $100)
  • Posture Improvement (30mins $50)