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We have a treatment-appropriate outfit prepared (camisole and shorts). While makeup is okay for some treatments, we recommend that you bring your makeup to reapply after your appointment.
Our original beauty essence products used during treatments were made with sensitive skin in mind—using natural ingredients without preservatives, fragrances and additives. As a result, you should experience great results when our products are used in advanced procedures.
Health Considerations
We have the right to refuse service for the following: hernia, spondylolisthesis (slipped disc), osteoporosis and/or heart disease. We will also refuse clients who are pregnant unless they have obtained a letter of consent from their doctor. We will regard clients who have undergone surgery on a case-by-case basis. Clients who are menstruating during treatment should be fine as long as there are not serious physical conditions.

Medical Condition Notification
Be sure to alert your service technician if you have any medical conditions, or if you are pregnant.

Are there reasons that massage might not be recommended?
Yes. There are several conditions and situations when massage may not be recommended. Contra-indications may be temporary or permanent and may require physician recommendation/approval. Of course, exercise caution if you:
  • Are pregnant
  • Wear contact lenses
  • Have inflammation of any kind
  • Have any cysts
  • Are anemic
  • Have any tumors
  • Have a hernia condition
  • Have arthritis/bursitis
  • Have been diagnosed with varicose veins
  • Have a skin condition or rash
  • Have a hematoma
  • Have diverticulitis
  • Have had embolisms
  • Have ever had aneurysms
  • Have phlebitis
  • Have edema
  • Have fever
  • Have an open wound
  • Have ringworm
  • Have paralysis of any kind
  • Have any undiagnosed medical problems
  • Have numbness or tingling in any part of body
  • Are under physician care for hypertension
  • Have suffered a mental breakdown
  • Have had seizures of any type
  • Are under cardiologist care
  • Are being treated for cancer
  • Are a hemophiliac
  • Have arteriosclerosis
  • Have multiple sclerosis
  • Suffer from tuberculosis
  • Have uncontrollable diabetes
  • Have a gout condition
For maximum results, our ideal treatment regime is broken down in to several phases:
The initial phase includes weekly treatments (four times) for a month after your first session in order to proactively work on areas of concern. Slight changes to treatments are still able to occur during this time.

During the stability phase, we recommend treatments every two weeks over the course of two months (four times) in order to keep the body adjusted to the treatment results.

And finally, during the maintenance phase, we recommend monthly treatments (for a year) to maintain results. Please note that for women, a shift in hormonal balance from your menstrual cycle will affect results. If possible, we recommend treatments before and after your 28-day cycle to improve results.

For clients who are unable to attend on such a constant basis, we recommend treatments within a three-month period. We recommend this because (about 600 trillion) body’s cells renew every three months, greatly affecting the results achieve after the initial session.

Once developed with habit, lifestyle and age, the body’s muscles and bones become very difficult to correct and realign. Therefore, for skeletal adjustments and kogao treatments, we recommend a minimum of six-sessions for drastic results and continual maintenance thereafter.

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